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Oh so many comic sites!

21st Jul 2017, 3:42 PM

Hello everybody! 

If you're just starting to follow me here on comic fury, I welcome you to my randomness! 




....I know that's kinda generic, but I try.  Haha.  Anyhow, I've been having a lot of fun being able to upload on here as well as my other sites!  Making tese little slice of life comics are a great way for me to kinda vent and show my life.  It can be boring, but I really enjoy just kinda spouting my internal thoughts.  As a stay-at-home care giver, finding stuff to be able to entertain myself with really helps me to kinda break things up a bit.  

So I just want to thank you guys again, and hope you enjoy!  If you want to see these comics on other platforms I also have a tapas seen here: , as well as a webtoon seen here: .  They're basically the same thing, only on tapas you get to see some of the little comics I made about my boyfriend, and also a couple of comics I couldn't upload here because they had multiple image files.  

So yeah.  Bye! laugh


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